Lighten up the Bowl at KFC

It’s very damp, cold, and rainy today. I had the urge to go to KFC and try the “Bowls” they have. If you’ve never had it, it’s a bowl that starts with Mashed Potatoes, then adds gravy and corn, then original recipe chicken breast, then cheese. Yes, I know, I know; here I’ve been talking about healthy, unprocessed, good for you foods, and I eat this? Well, it was NOT worth it. I now feel heavy and overly salted and yucky.

This bowl has so much potential, especially when I’m craving comfort food. I’m going to strip it down to the barest elements that drew it to me in the first place: potatoes, corn, sauce, chicken.

This is what I’m planning to do, and I’ll let you know how the experiment goes. I’m going to try oven “frying” the potatoes and chicken. I have a nice recipe for making a sauce out of veggie stock, corn left over from the farmer’s market, and some romano cheese that I used on the chicken loaf.

By no means will this be a completely low fat, low calorie dish, but not everything needs to be if there is the right balance. Please let me know if you’ve tried to lighten up this salty, fatty, heavy dish from KFC and what luck you had.

Okay…I’ve done it. See the post “Soulful Chicken Bowl.”

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