I Can Make Hash for Breakfast Out of Anything!

It appears this statement is true. What is hash but some carbs, meat, and an egg piled on top of each other? I choose not to use potatoes and have used asparagus in the past. Yesterday morning, I finely chopped some sweet onion, garlic, and carrot. After sauteing, I looked in the fridge for some meat. I prefer natural, lean meats, but today all I had was a leftover beef brat.

What the heck? I chopped it finely as well and mixed it all in. Once the meat and veggies began to caramelize, I cracked a farm fresh egg over the top. Sorry grocery shoppers, in my opinion, unless you use Eggland’s Best eggs or farm eggs, you are wasting calories. The typical eggs taste horrible.

Anyway, I made a well in the meat and veggie deliciousness and cracked the egg right in it. A little salt, pepper, and some slow and low cooking time and I had a sumptuous runny yoke and softly cooked egg whites over a pop of flavor from meat and carbs.

Voila! Hash for breakfast.

What do you have in your fridge and how can you turn it into a satisfying breakfast of hash and eggs?

See my recipe for Asparagus Hash here. If you want a fully vegetarian version, use Portobello mushrooms for the robust texture you’d get from meat.


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