The Best Burger Ever? – Hmmm


From the Allrecipes website.

Using an iPod app my youngest son found a recipe for The Best Burger Ever. He was very excited for me to try it. I used an indoor grill pan and reduced the amount of oats a little. I also cut the recipe to 1 lb of meat and made 4 huge burgers. Making only 6 patties out of 2 lbs of meat is a little “Super Size Me” for my taste.


My oldest loved it because it tasted like a meatloaf on a bun. I’m sorry to say the burger did not live up to its name for me. First, I’m not fond of using processed soup mix and so much filler. It was certainly moist and flavorful, but didn’t have a distinct flavor profile.

I promised my older son I’d fiddle with the recipe until it met both of our tastes. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

Have you had a recipe you thought was the “Best Burger Ever?” What was in it?


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